Who we are

Rafa and Michelle in Cannes, France

We’re an international couple who have worked in over 10 countries. Tax deductions is always one of our first questions when looking at new opportunities as tempting salaries aren’t necessarily equivalent to a great take-home pay. Like you, we wanted an easier way of calculating potential net salary which led us to create World Tax Calculator.

Michelle was born and raised in New Zealand where she completed her Masters degree in International Relations. Since then, she has worked and volunteered her way around the world and isn’t ready to stop exploring yet!

She loves reading, visiting art galleries, walking tours, hiking, and cozy cafes.

Lived: Australia, France, Poland, South Korea, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States of America.
Long-term stays for Volunteering and Studies: Chile, Hungary.
Visited: Where to begin?


Rafa is from Brazil and a proud Flamengo fan. He has a degree in Computer Science and years of international experience working for big multinational companies.  A few years ago he took leave to complete a Masters in Marketing in Barcelona, Spain which is where we met. 

He loves football, gym workouts, travel, playing FIFA, and the beach.

Lived: Malaysia, Spain.
Long-term stays for work: Argentina, Chile, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, the United States of America, Ukraine, .
Visited: More than Michelle 🙂